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Thank You Letter..

First and foremost I want to thank everyone who has helped me on this journey. It means so much to me to see the amount of love and support I have gotten during this process. I would like to thank my mom, sisters, family, and friends, and of course my supporters. None of this would be possible without you. But most importantly I want to thank my dad, after all my business is named after you, Omar ELIESER Duran. Thank you so much for believing in me even if at times I didn't believe in myself. Losing you was the worst thing to ever happen to me, but it motivated me to get up and do all the things I have dreamed of, starting with this. You taught me to be brave and constantly encouraged me and told me I could do it even if it seemed hard. Life since you've been gone has come with its challenges some more challenging than other and at times I've felt I could not do it, but whenever I'm feeling discouraged I always hear your voice telling me "si se puede" (yes you can). I hear your encouragement and loving words. Most importantly when I'm doing good and I'm happy I can feel you smiling down on me. I find peace knowing that I'm making you proud, I've made myself proud and I know that's all you've ever wanted for me. I'm thankful everyday that I got to be your daughter, I'm thankful for all of the love you've given me, and every lesson you've taught me. Thank you and thank you for this opportunity I hope I can continue to make you proud I love you always. This ones for you.


Tu Querida Hija Omaris

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